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We are delighted to share 2024 dates for ‘ABLE4School Leaders – How and Why Relationships Matter in Schools’.

Starting on Wednesday 14th February via Zoom, this evidence-based programme supports a relationship-centred approach in schools. It raises awareness of the factors that contribute to the creation of a safe and secure school environment where the concerns and contributions of parents, children and teachers are acknowledged.

As it is online, this makes it accessible to school leaders from all over the country, and we hope that principals from schools throughout Ireland will join us in this small group, experiential learning programme.

Bookings are now open and include the following dates: 14th, 21st, 28th February & 6th, 13th March. It will include two further short sessions (TBD) to help establish a community of practice for school leaders interested in taking a relationship-centred approach in their schools. This course will run online between 9am-3pm each day.

As with all our courses, it is heavily subsidised as we work on a not-for-profit basis.

Why do positive relationships matter in schools?
As human beings, we are primed to relate and connect. Positive relationships in schools not only foster well-being but also children’s capacity to learn and engage.

Our goal is to support school leaders in nurturing positive relationships in schools, but also to manage their time and boundaries for their own health and wellbeing via our ABLE (Adopt a Relational Approach, Build & Boundary, Listen & Empower & End) brief intervention model.

This interactive, small group learning experience for up to 12 participants will be delivered virtually by Bernie Rodgers and Rose Crowley, two licensed Relationships in Practice trainers.

In a course evaluation, 83.3% agreed that the course was relevant to being a school leader and agreed that it developed their skills to build quality relationships.

A previous participant said: “It provided me with the critical skills to deal with complex issues that arise daily in a dynamic environment. Keep doing what you are doing – the training is fantastic and the more people that avail of it the better for our education system. Míle buíochas – you are amazing people and you understand the needs of children and adults especially those with significant aces in their lives.”

For further details please see our website or contact  Robyn at or 0871466011 to secure a place.

Course fee: €350


Relationships in Practice fully funded “3-Day ABLE4Practitioners” training dates for spring 2024 are now open for booking!

Join us to develop your understanding of how the relationships you build in your daily routine practice will impact positively on health & wellbeing outcomes for your patients and service users/clients. Using our ABLE brief intervention model (Adopt a relational approach, Build, Listen & Empower), you will also learn how to manage your time and boundaries for your own wellbeing.

Our series of evidence-informed, CPD-approved ABLE courses run over three days and are open to any frontline practitioner working in healthcare, social care, education or in community or voluntary roles (16.5 CPD Hours).

These 3 Day ABLE training courses will take place in person and online on the following dates:

Dates: 30th January, 6th & 13th February

Location: Northridge House, Cork

Dates: 7th, 14th, 21st March

Location: Online

Dates: 17th & 24th April, 1st May

Location: Online

These training dates are fully funded by Relationships in Practice. Please contact Robyn at for booking form or more information.

Spaces are limited on each course, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


We know that most practitioners want to help and support their clients, and that they recognise the quality of their relationships with their clients as a key component of improved health and wellbeing outcomes.

However, the reality is that time pressures, uncertainty around boundaries, outcome expectations and the validity of spending time offering clients space to share their worries or concerns can limit one’s ability to respond appropriately.

This is where our ABLE training can help. ABLE (Adopt a relational approach, Build, Listen and Empower) is specifically designed to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and the skills via a brief intervention model to support practitioners to adopt a relational approach .

CPD-approved and evidence-based ABLE helps you to:

  • Become a more reflective practitioner and be more relationship-centered
  • Manage time better and be clear about the boundaries of your role and competence
  • Listen reflectively without feeling overwhelmed or needing to “fix it”, adopting a narrative of hope
  • Be proactive, build rapport, and establish trust with clients/patients
  • Empathise and respond in a sensitive way to clients, while attending to your own wellbeing
  • Understand that the quality of relationships is a key social determinant of health and well being
  • Recognise relationships as both protective, and risk factors in improving outcomes for clients
  • Empower clients to make their own decisions, building their capability and resilience