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As this year’s All Ireland Community & Council Awards (LAMA Awards) ceremony approaches on 15th April, we remember the high of last year when we were awarded the overall ‘Grand Prix’ award and Gold in the ‘Best Community Health Initiative’, sponsored by Healthy Ireland.

The LAMA Awards highlight and celebrate the work done within our communities to reward unsung heroes and recognise the phenomenal contribution they have made.

To be singled out from so many worthy winners was a huge milestone and honour for our Relationships in Practice programme.

Our winning initiative, ‘Relationships matter: building ACE awareness in the community’ involves providing free and facilitated screenings of the critically acclaimed documentary about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), ‘Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope’ to diverse community-based practitioners throughout Ireland.

The awards led to a significant feature in the Irish Times by journalist, Sheila Wayman. This in turn, stimulated an online conversation and positive feedback about our work. Above all, it supported our mission of highlighting how quality relationships in frontline practice impact positively on health and wellbeing outcomes.

We continue to provide free and facilitated screenings of the documentary – both in-person and online – and we have several dates planned for 2023 so please contact if you are interested in a place.