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On Wednesday 11th October, our online programme for principals and aspiring school leaders – ABLE4School Leaders: How and Why Relationships Matter in Schools – will begin.

This interactive, evidence-based training programme has been endorsed by the Centre of School Leadership (CSL) and is now in its third consecutive year.

We invite all school leaders and aspiring leaders to join us in this small group, reflective, experiential and nurturing online learning experience to deepen your understanding of why quality relationships in schools matter – and the impact they have on wellbeing and learning outcomes.

The programme will run over five dates in October and November, with two Community of Practice dates planned for 17th and 31st January 2024.

Fern Higgins Atkinson, our programme manager said: “This growing Community of Practice  provides an opportunity for school leaders interested in taking a relationship-centred approach in their schools to network with colleagues nationally. It supports further reflection, knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer engagement and problem solving in a safe online space.”

As with all our programmes, ABLE4School Leaders is heavily subsidised as we work on a not-for-profit basis.

This training will give you the skills, insight and knowledge to nurture positive relationships in your school for better outcomes. It also provides you with a framework to manage your time and boundaries for your own health and wellbeing via our ABLE brief intervention model.

Our evaluations show that 83.3% agreed that the course was relevant to being a school leader and agreed that it developed their skills to build quality relationships.

A previous participant said: “It provided me with the critical skills to deal with complex issues that arise daily in a dynamic environment. Keep doing what you are doing – the training is fantastic and the more people that avail of it the better for our education system. Míle buíochas – you are amazing people, and you understand the needs of children and adults, especially those with significant ACEs in their lives.”

For further details please contact  to secure a place or phone her on (087) 1466011.