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Places are filling for our evidence-informed ABLE (Adopt a relational approach, Build & Boundaries, Listen and Empower & End) training programme in Cork later this month.


This CPD-approved training programme will be held in a supportive space at Northridge House Education & Research Centre in Mahon, Cork. It will run over three days: 19th, 25th and 26th April.


Open to all frontline practitioners in healthcare, social care and justice, this programme supports your knowledge of relationships and the transformational impact of taking a relational approach in your work.


We will share insight, knowledge and skills to make the most of every interaction for improved health and wellbeing outcomes. This training will validate your approach as a caring practitioner and remind you of how listening well, relating with empathy and giving someone your time, attention and respect can be empowering and life changing.


We also have your own wellbeing at heart and will share a framework via our ABLE brief intervention model for you to manage your time and boundaries. 


We have 431 frontline practitioners with our ABLE 3-day training to date, ranging from social workers and public health nurses to family resource centre staff and community workers.


A recent participant said: “I loved the gentle approach of the trainers. I loved their own personal inputs. I loved the left-handed chairs provided, the lunch and coffee break. the setting. I found it was a real time out from the frontline which can be exhausting and stressful. It also made me realise how much I do know and how I use my skills to work with clients. Thank you. My words at the end of the course yesterday were ‘Revived and Inspired’”. Caitriona, Social Worker.


This three-day ABLE brief intervention training covers 16.5 learning hours.


The heavily subsidised fee is just €300. For bookings, please contact or phone her on 087 146 6011.