Relationships are a key social determinant of health and wellbeing so we do everything we can to advocate for quality relationships in practice.

Our advocacy work, events and communications programmes are strategic and evidence-based to highlight the benefits of taking a relationship-centred approach in frontline practice.

  • We have delivered presentations and workshops on a national level to highlight the impact of quality relationships in Ireland on health and wellbeing outcomes. These include national conferences such as the IFCA International Conference, Enable Ireland Conference, Unity Through Relationships Conference and the Social Care Ireland Conference.
  • Dr Maeve Hurley, Relationships in Practice trainer and founder of Ag Eisteacht, has delivered Masterclasses to the Royal College of Physicians Ireland (RCPI) and is regularly invited by the RCPI to share her vision and knowledge with members. She has delivered Advanced Masterclasses at the RCPI’s annual St Luke’s Symposium in Dublin and has presented at the RCPI’s Quality in Healthcare Summit.
  • Our views, thoughts and insights into relational wellbeing can be found in health journals and national, regional and local media to raise awareness about the importance of relationships in practice.
  • We engage in important skills and knowledge-based training with the Cork Specialist Training Programme for General Practice to develop GP Registrars’ capacity to take a relationship-centred approach in practice.
  • We hold and facilitate on-line and in-person events to gather practitioners in real and virtual spaces to connect, collaborate and share learning and experiences to support a relationship-centred approach in frontline practice.

Resilience Screenings

“It’s not what’s wrong with you, it’s what’s happened to you.”

ABLE Launch

The launch of our core ABLE training model

Hands Up For Children

Access to early intervention and a person-centred approach in practice

Attending to Adversity and Connecting with Hope

Our first facilitated screening of the Resilience documentary.