Become a Licensed Relationships in Practice Trainer

We have a national network of licensed trainers who deliver our ABLE training programmes and workshops in person and virtually. Becoming a licensed trainer is a 4-stage process, as outlined below:

Stage One – If you are interested in becoming a licensed trainer, please contact us.* Suitable candidates will be invited to attend our ABLE three-day training as a participant to get a sense of our values, our mission, course content and delivery style. Each participant who completes this training receives a certificate.

Stage Two – Having completed our training, we will invite you to submit your CV and make a formal expression of interest. This will be followed by a meeting with a member of our team to discuss what it might mean to be a licensed trainer and what this entails.

Stage Three – If you wish to proceed, and if we feel that you are a good fit, we will progress to stage three and invite you to participate in our ABLE Train the Trainer programme. During this training, you will have an opportunity to get hands-on training experience, and you will be assessed and given
supportive feedback.

Stage Four – You will proceed to course delivery, co-facilitating our three-day ABLE course with an experienced lead trainer. This will act as a supportive learning experience and relationship-building space.

Following this process, trainers will become licensed to deliver our ABLE training courses and associated standalone modules. Our licensed trainers all attend our trainer update day and we keep in close contact with them throughout the year to nurture relationships and keep them informed about any changes to the training.

Becoming a licensed Relationships in Practice trainer for your organisation

Supporting two staff members in your organisation to become licensed Relationships in Practice trainers offers an exciting opportunity to build workforce capacity and to advance the skills and expertise of your staff group. This provides your staff/ teams with a shared language and a common
approach to building relationships in practice across your organisation. This licensing process follows the same four steps as above and will equip your organisation to deliver our training within your work setting.

*If you are interested in understanding either of these processes further, please contact