ABLE training empowers practitioners at Hospital Family Resource Centre

“ABLE training enabled staff and volunteers from multiple work areas in Hospital Family Resource Centre to come together, learn and practise new skills, reflect on their work and share different experiences.  It provided an excellent introduction and refresher to understanding key relationships and builds participants’ skills in supporting adults and children going through different experiences in their lives. It will be put to practical use across all our work areas.”
Mary McGrath
FRC Co-ordinator

A group of staff and volunteers from Hospital Family Resource Centre in Limerick completed our tailored 3-day ABLE (Adopt a relational approach, Build, Listen and Empower) training.

All of the participants reported an increased confidence in their ability to recognise and respond to clients in distress in their relationships and have increased knowledge and awareness of the factors that help to build and maintain healthy relationships.

A post-course evaluation revealed that 100% of participants said they would use the skills of the brief intervention model ABLE regularly in practice (75% said either daily or once per week.)

92% of participants also stated their skill levels had increased regarding anticipating moments when clients may struggle in their relationships, using opportunities to offer clients time to talk about their relationships/ worries, and empowering clients to seek their own solutions.

A key element of the course is highlighting the importance of reflective practice to build capacity and maintain wellbeing for both the practitioner and service user.

Our CPD accredited and evidence-based, ABLE training was delivered by two licensed co-trainers who use behaviour modelling and a mix of adult learning styles including auditory, visual and experiential techniques to support the learning experience and enable change.