Relationships in Practice is a programme to support frontline practitioners’ relational and reflective capabilities because evidence shows this leads to better health and wellbeing outcomes.

This programme is a collaboration between The Social and Health Education Project (SHEP) and the Ag Eisteacht Foundation, two organisations with a shared commitment to increasing knowledge and understanding of the importance of quality relationships in practice.

The impact of quality relationships in practice

The importance of quality relationships in practice with children and families, adults and older people cannot be understated. Developing and maintaining good relationships is central to improving outcomes for individuals and families.



What we do

There are four strands to the Relationships in Practice programme: Training, Advocacy, Collaboration and Evaluation. We invite practitioners to join facilitated experiential spaces to think about their role in relationships at work, to consider new ideas and evidence on what works best and to get an opportunity to integrate this knowledge base in an applied context so that they can begin to think critically about the role of quality relationships in workspaces.