ABLE Homeless Initiative

People are empowered by being heard, understood and seen by someone they trust and rely on. But it’s important to have the skills to protect one’s own wellbeing too.

Our ABLE Homeless Initiative training course has been developed to support frontline staff working in the homeless sector. This four-day course offers a small group interactive training experience and provides 22 CPD hours.
We know the daily pressures faced by workers in the homeless sector. Taking time to reflect on the emotional toil of the work and managing your time and boundaries is vital to prevent stress and burn-out.
Many experienced homeless sector practitioners have engaged in our ABLE Homeless Initiative, including staff from Focus Ireland.
In 2018 we received a €5,000 grant from ESB’s Energy for Generations Fund to part-fund our ABLE Homeless Initiative training for 27 Focus Ireland frontline staff in Dublin, Cork, and Waterford. We were awarded the funding again in 2019. This covered Homeless Initiative training for 12 Focus Ireland staff. Due to Covid-19, Focus Ireland couldn’t release staff for the 4-day training in 2020 so we subsequently provided 4 virtual training places to their staff in 2020 and 4 in 2021 on our 3-day ABLE brief intervention training instead.

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ABLE Homeless Initiative Aims

  • Identify and evaluate the factors involved in creating and building a working alliance with service users and team members.

Course Evaluation

This programme will be measured up to Level 4 of the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model looking at the degree to which targeted outcomes occur as a result of the learning event and subsequent reinforcement.

“I thought it was excellent and I would recommend it. It equipped people with the tools and skills for listening and a greater awareness and understanding of what people are actually saying, and how important that is. We don’t get enough training that is relevant to our work and this was absolutely very relevant, and we could walk away from the course more equipped and confident to deal with people.” Tenancy Sustainment Officer Depaul Limerick.