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“Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.”

Leo Tolstoy

As our Relationships in Practice work transitions to SHEP in the New Year, we wish light, warmth and connection to you and yours at this season of Christmas from all of us at Ag Eisteacht.

We have been heartened by the warm response to our recent announcement and we look to the future with hope and gratitude. We have reached this big milestone because of the support we have received over the years from you – our stakeholders, our team, our Board and collaborators.

Thank you for all the opportunities we have been given to share our important message that “Relationships Matter”, particularly in frontline practice where evidence shows that quality relationships lead to better health and wellbeing outcomes.

Thank you to everyone who has interacted with us, attended our training and events, written about our work, followed us on social media or given your time so generously to support our vision and our mission. This has been a gift…a light…that has kept us buoyed and focussed.

Going forward, SHEP will be shining a light on our Relationships in Practice work so please consider opting into Relationships in Practice emails for details about future training and news.

A dedicated website will be available in January and do keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates in the New Year.

With gratitude from all at Ag Eisteacht.