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We are delighted to share dates for our next training programme for school leaders to support a relationship-centre approach in schools.

‘ABLE4School Leaders – How and Why Relationships Matter in Schools’ is an evidence-based, CSL (Centre for School Leadership) endorsed programme. It will run on-line on the following dates:

Wednesday 21st September

Wednesday 28th September

Wednesday 5th October

Wednesday 12th October

Wednesday 19th October

We are also facilitating two further days on the 9th and 30th November to help establish a community of practice so that school leaders from all over Ireland can connect and share insight, experience and best practice.

We now invite principals, deputy principals and aspiring school leaders to grow their understanding of the transformative power of positive relationships in schools and how they impact on health, wellbeing, learning and development outcomes.

This interactive, small group learning experience for up to 12 participants will be delivered virtually by two licensed Relationships in Practice trainers.

Fern Higgins Atkinson, Relationships in Practice programme manager, said: “This is an opportunity for school principals, deputy principals and aspiring school leaders to network on a national level with like-minded peers to develop their skills, insight and knowledge. Our programme raises awareness of the factors that contribute to the creation of a safe and secure school environment where the concerns and contributions of parents, children and teachers are acknowledged. “

Using the ABLE brief intervention model as a framework, participants will also learn how to manage their time and boundaries for their own health and wellbeing.

“As human beings, we are primed to relate and connect. Positive relationships in schools not only foster well-being but also children’s capacity to learn and engage so one of our learning aims is that school leaders recognise and understand this. Our goal is to support school leaders in nurturing positive relationships in schools by placing empathy, listening and understanding at the heart of every conversation or intervention,” said Fern.

‘ABLE4School Leaders – How and why relationships matter in schools’ shares evidence-informed insight into infant mental health, childhood adversity and attachment research to help school leaders understand the impact of early relationship experiences on children’s health, wellbeing, behaviour and their ability to learn. It also shares knowledge, insight and resources for managing conflict in the school community and addresses the impact of conflict on children’s well-being and development.

“This heavily subsidised training programme supports school leaders to lead positive change in their schools by relating in a sensitive and reflective way. We know the difference this makes in a school environment from previous course evaluations, feedback and wider research and evidence,” said Fern.

Feedback from previous participants includes this comment from a primary school principal: “So worthwhile and enjoyable. You come away with real skills and strategies to use in challenging situations.”

Bookings are now open via Eventbrite or please email to secure a place or for further details.